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Meet Carly

Psychotherapist & Embodiment Coach

I’m Carly Sackellares, a clinical social worker with a certificate in marriage and family therapy. I completed my Master’s in Social work at the University of Georgia.

Though it's my passion, counseling wasn't my first career! I have a B.S. in Business Administration from Georgia Tech and two years of digital marketing experience. 


At Harbor of Dreams Art, I provide virtual counseling and Chi for Two® embodiment coaching for individuals, couples and families. ​I believe in the power of maintaining healthy relationships, starting from within. My hope is to guide clients towards more authentic and embodied ways of being. 


Along with counseling and coaching, I have developed a workshop to help clients to manage the vulnerability associated with online dating. My Mindful Online Dating Workshop, inspired by the book Naked Online: A DoZen Ways to Grow from Internet Dating, focuses on how to better understand and manage feelings that may emerge when dating online. By staying mindful through the process, my clients learn to develop healthier relationship skills. 

Carly Sackellares psychotherapist and embodiment coach
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