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I am a life-long learner who is passionate about researching innovative and evidence-based techniques and treatments to ensure I am providing my clients the best care. When I discovered Chi for Two®, I knew I wanted to implement the modality into my practice. Chi for Two® aligns with my beliefs in both the power of human relationships and the evident connection between the body and the mind. 

Chi for Two® - The Energetic Dance of Healthy Relationship is a modality using evidence-informed, body-based practices for stronger relationships. I chose to pursue the two-year training to become a certified coach. As a Chi for Two® embodiment coach, I work to guide clients towards more authentic and embodied ways of being within the context of their relationships.

Chi for Two® practices guided me through my personal online dating journey. I now specialize in providing coaching for online daters hoping to improve their relationship skills. I have also developed a 12-week Mindful Online Dating Workshop.

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