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I provide counseling for individuals, couples, and families through Harbor of Dreams Art. My approach is collaborative and personalized to my clients' needs. I incorporate a relational perspective, believing strongly in the importance and healing powers of human relationships. Using evidence-based nervous system science, I strive to guide clients towards feeling more connected to their bodies so that they can ease their minds.


The modalities I use include Chi for Two®: The Energetic Dance of Healthy Relationship, Narrative Therapy, and Emotionally Focused Couples and Individual Therapy. I specialize in dating and relationship issues, stressful life transitions, family therapy, couples therapy, and anxiety and depression.

Dating & Relationships

If you are struggling with dating and fostering satisfying relationships, I'm here to help. Romantic dances often trigger unfinished parent/caregiver dances. Using innovative nervous system science, I help my clients redo these important interactions and move forward to develop more meaningful connections.

Family Therapy

Families are unique systems that evolve and change through life and are often one another's lifetime support system. I help families foster the open-mindedness to see problems from alternative perspectives, have a solid foundation of trust, and accept all members for who they are. Encouraging honesty helps create a more secure bond.

Life Transitions

Adjusting to change, whether positive or negative, can be a stressful process. I am experienced in guiding clients through difficult life transitions, such as entering school, starting a new job, a big move, or relationship changes. Through the process, I support my clients towards personal development and growth.

Couples Therapy 

My work with couples focuses on helping partners connect and disconnect in ways that both strengthen their bond and allow space for them to be self-supported individuals. I guide my clients towards the understanding that appreciating differences creates greater opportunity for intimacy. 

Anxiety & Depression

Nervous system science brings light to how mental health struggles like anxiety and depression are the body's response to perceived life-threatening danger. I work to help my clients reawaken parts of themselves that may feel "shutdown" so that they can find meaning and live more authentically. 

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